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About avantech :

Avantech Asphalt Content Tester is the standard for determining the asphalt content percentage in Bitumen Mix - based on electric ignition test method. A 1,200—1,800g sample can be tested in 30-45 minutes with the Furnace. The HYRS6 Asphalt Content Tester’s microcontroller in conjunction with the built in electronic weighing scale identifies the endpoint of ignition and indicates the completion of the test. Avantech provides a wide range of road, runway, airport pavement testing equipment in India at discounted prices. We are also a Manufacturer of W Beam Highway Crash Barrier .

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Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd. was conceived in 1995 to promote and support world class and innovative technologies to the Construction Industry Today we are among the most respected providers of an exhaustive range of products and services, enjoying a significant market share and the trust of satisfied customers across the country. Buy resilient modulus test apparatus at wholesale price in India .

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