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A 415, The Capital, Science City Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051, India
94272 51749
94272 51749

About Marut Air :

Marut Air has earned the name for itself as the best supplier of heavy duty exhaust fans in India. We have achieved this status only because of our dedication and hard work. The qualities of efficiency and affordability reflect on all our products, including big industrial fans. We have a knowledgeable team to craft highly innovative products for our clients. We are the most trusted brand of industrial air cooler for our customers. Are you looking for a quality HVLS fans? If so, you are welcome to browse our extensive list of well-designed fans. We ensure the timely delivery of all orders. Our service is extended to the whole of our country and beyond. We also supply helicopter fans manufactured using the latest technology and innovations. Contact us today to receive more insights into our products and services. .

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