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About Glamstr Production Pvt Ltd :

Glamstr Academy is one of the Best Acting School in Mumbai providing acting classes to all the needy freshers who want to work in Hindi Cinema, Films, and TV Serials. Glamstr Academy is also providing 100% Job Guarantee to the talented applicants in various films and TV Serials in Mumbai, India. Glamstr Academy is owned and managed by Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd., which is a Hindi Film Production & Distribution Company. .

Business Details:

Glamstr is launching its training academy wherein we are going to train all the freshers who are talented enough but lack proper guidance direction to become successful actors and actresses. Glamstr academy working as a fine arts institute provides services like acting, dance, Singing classes & Acting Workshops. We have designed the best in class & have an international standard of teaching methodology. Among all the film institutes in Mumbai, Glamstr acting institute stands out when it comes to A TO Z preparation of the students to become successful actors & actresses. .

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