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A1-906, Palladium Near Divya Bhaskar, Corporate road, Makarba, Ahmedabad - 380051.
Edible Cutlery Edible Cutlery India Oriqa Edible

About Oriqa Edible :

New way of fine dining is here with a revolutionary edible cutlery concept. Qriqa has become one of the largest producing facility of edible cutlery in India. Oriqa Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Edible Cutlery. These products are manufactured in accordance with the set food standards and market norms. We are using supreme quality ingredients and the state of art technology to manufacture our edible cutlery. We procure all the ingredients from certified, reliable and trusted vendors only who understand our vision and supply us the best grains. .

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Edible Cutlery Edible Cutlery India .

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