Bond Patch

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About Bond Patch :

Bond Patch Manufactures tyre repair patches for both Bias ply & Radial ply tyres. Bond Patch is An ISO-9001-2008 Certify Company in India. We are Manufacturing Premium Quality for customers. All our Manufacturing process is carried by using latest imported technology. .

Business Details:

Bond radial Repair patches is constructed with special Rubber Compound and Polyesters Code Fabric. All the cuts and sidewalls injuries in Truck, Earthmover Agriculture and Passenger tyre can be repaired with bond Radial Repair Patch; this gives permanent repair over the injuries.Bond Bias ply patch can be used for cut repairs, this gives best strength, flexibility and excellent superior construction over the tyres and every tyre cut repair patches is permanent and safe. Bond bias ply patch gives long life for cut repair tyre. .

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